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The company - Héli-technik


Established in 1995 by Luc Richard, Héli Technik is a company specializing in the maintenance of turbine-powered and piston-engine helicopters. Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation based on high-quality professional services. With state-of-the-art facilities and a large inventory of parts and specialized tooling, Héli Technik offers its services throughout Canada and abroad.

No matter the time or place, our qualified and experienced staff are on hand to meet your needs. Our seven technicians and the maintenance director have over 100 years of experience (2010) in aviation, and all our employees are trained directly by the manufacturer to carry out all the necessary work on your helicopter.

Our commitment is to provide you with professional, quality services that fully meet your expectations.

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30/03/2007 : R44 Service bulletin

Main Rotor Blade Erosion

19/03/2007 : R22 & R44 Main Rotor Blade Skin Debonding

Main Rotor Blade Skin Debonding


Electrical modification

Electrical modification

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